Your Right to be Represented at Work

As a CWU member you need to be aware of your rights to representation and who you can take into any formal meeting with your employer. This could be in respect of:

  • Discipline or Misconduct Investigations
  • Sick-Absence and Attendance Related Issues
  • Performance and Performance Improvement hearings that can result in a warning
  • Redundancy consultation
  • Grievance hearings
  • Appeal hearings involving any of the above

Your right to be accompanied is limited to an official Trade Union representative or another ‘friend or colleague’ who must also be an employee of the same company.

Your Representative’s Role

Your rep is there to give advice, guidance and support throughout the process. They will also ensure that you are being treated fairly, check that the business is following the correct process and that you are given the opportunity to tell your side of the story.

Your rep can:

  • Talk you through the case and what to expect
  • Help you put your case together so you can best represent yourself
  • Speak on your behalf
  • Talk you through next steps following the meeting

The only thing they can’t do is answer a question put directly to you – though they can add to your answer.

Your rep can also challenge the business before or during the meeting if they go outside of process, raise issues that you have not been informed would form part of the meeting, don’t give you the proper opportunities to present your case, or if they become too heavy handed.

Take a Rep in with you!

The union’s advice is that you should always be accompanied by a qualified trade union representative – It’s your right and you’re already paying for the service! You should never feel pressured to go in alone or that by being accompanied you would harm the outcome.

Don't Delay Get In Touch

As soon as you know you’ve been invited to a meeting, GET IN TOUCH. We will need to see ALL the documents that form part of the case as soon as possible so we can give you the best advice and the best representation possible. If you get in touch the day before or the day of the meeting, we may not be able to attend the hearing and may not be able to get it rescheduled at such short notice.