Young Workers Rep – January Update

Mersey Branch AGM 2018
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Young Workers Rep – January Update

Hi guys, It’s me again.

I’m just taking this time to write about a very important subject. I know not everyone will be interested but pin your ears back it’s super important.

It’s so so so important that everyone says no to the proposals that BT have given us. To put this into perspective, let me explain a bit. If you joined BT after April 2001 which most of you did, you’ll be on the same pension scheme as me, the BTRSS. I was checking out my pension on the Standard Life pension calculator, which everyone can do if you don’t believe me. I pay £170 in to my pension every month, and if I retire at 68 after working for BT since I was 22, I’m forecasted to receive just £4,239 a year to live off. THAT EQUATES TO ONLY £353.25 A MONTH! And by offering just 1% increase to the scheme, BT only wants to increase it to £369.25 a month.

To me, after everything we do for the company, come in to work, be the cogs that keep the machines running and be the voice of BT to their millions of customers, offering just 1% increase is an insult. It’s even more of an insult when you find out that BT makes £7.5 billion pounds of profit, pays £1.5 billion in dividends AND BT executives get a massive 30% contribution into their pension. To put it another way BT want to give you a penny against every pound they earn and give execs 30p per £1. Not a lot at all for us guys doing the majority of the work eh?!

To reject this proposal PLEASE don’t forget to send your feedback to and please please please copy us into it on If you wanna check it out for yourself here’s the link to the pension calculator –

There’s also a video of the views of other workers like us currently on BTRSS, I’ve attached it to our Facebook page ‘CWU Mersey Branch’. You can also get on the CWU WhatsApp group for further videos and updates.

Erin Brett
Young Workers Rep, CWU Mersey Branch.