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Taking care of your mental health is as essential to your wellbeing as dealing with physical illnesses. Just because you can’t necessarily see mental illness, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It affects every aspect of your being, yet, although many people experience mental health problems at some time in their lives, little is known about mental ill health and how it can affect individuals differently.

As a trade union, we’ll help wherever we can but sometimes our members need help with things that we simply don’t have the expertise for. So, we’ve put this booklet together to put you in touch with experts to get support in situations that we are unable to directly help with.

Of course, we can still support you in chatting to your employer to help you get the support you need from work, and request reasonable adjustments. For example, ensuring that you are able to get the appropriate time off to help support yourself or a family member suffering from mental ill health. You can download the booklet here 





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