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Join the VOTE – Affiliated Labour Membership

YOU recently overwhelmingly voted to retain the political fund and our voice in politics. We now need to make sure that this is heard.
Most members are entitled to vote in the Labour Party leadership election – but you need to register as an Affiliated Labour Member in order to do so. You can do this by filling in this online form.

Dave Ward, our new General secretary, explains: “In standing to be CWU general secretary I have made it clear that the Labour Party will not continue to get something for nothing from the CWU and that our relationship with the party needs to change. We have to originate policies that advance our members’ interests and start to change the balance of forces in society and the world of work.
“The prospect of a Tory government attacking trade union rights, selling off Royal Mail and standing by as agency workers are exploited in a race to the bottom underlines the need for an opposition that is on our side. The Labour leadership elections are a first step towards securing this.”

If you have any questions check out the FAQs HERE for more information.
Your chance to choose Register today – have your vote. Make sure the new leadership cannot ignore your voice.

If you work in BT’s Contact Centre in Warrington, you’ll be able to sign up in person at one of the events planned – see posters for details. All other members can sign-up online by 12th August 2015.