CWU Hidden Disabilities Week – November 2014

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CWU Hidden Disabilities Week – November 2014

The Disability Advisory Committee, together with the Equal Opportunities Department, have launched a new initiative to raise awareness around disabilities that cause millions of people difficulty in their day-to-day lives but are not obvious to see. 

Officially launched at this year’s CWU Disability Conference in Leeds on 8th November 2014, Hidden Disabilities Week focussed in on two hidden disabilities every day of the week by providing useful information, advice and support and guidance to those affected.

CWU head of equalities, Linda Roy explains: “The aim of the week is to raise awareness, trying to open people’s minds to think and accept that not every disability is automatically visible for people to see.”

For more information and a look at the factsheets produced as part of the weeks events, click here. Factsheets are available on Deaf Awareness, Autism, Diabetes, Lupus, Asthma and several other ‘hidden disabilities’.