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A message for the young workers

CWU Mersey Branch

CWU Mersey Branch

Hello again,


Just sending out a quick update on what I’ve been working on the past month, so you’re aware of what’s going on and you’re kept informed. So as I said in my previous email, I went down to Cardiff for the young worker’s forum. Basically what we did there was have a look through all the information materials that we give you when you first join the union and how we can help you.   The main thing brought up was that there was far too much writing on everything and especially being in an online role as well, I’m aware that no one wants to read everything we pass on to you (maybe not even this email). We also went through what training we need to do to help you throughout your time here at BT. So coming out of that meeting was fantastic knowing that shortly we’ll have some more quick and easy things for you to get all the information you need as well as things that relate more to yourself.


As you’re aware as well the pay raise will be in this month pay as well, so that’s fantastic. Just in time for the summer holidays. You all should have had your new shifts in Warrington as well and if you’ve got any questions or anything regarding them just let me know and I’ll help you out. I’ve also been doing local things where I’m based, (in Warrington if you didn’t already know) which I’m enjoying so much. I love being able to come and have a gab with you, getting to know you and see if there’s anything I can do for you. This month, I’ve got a few meetings which I’ll be attending and I’ll keep you posted on what I get from them.


Anyways I’ll leave it there so I don’t bore you, If you need me don’t forget you can email me on or if you’re in Warrington pop down for a chat. I’ll keep you posted with any more updates I’ve got 🙂


Speak to you soon! 🙂


Erin Brett