10 Reasons for joining the Union

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10 Reasons for joining the Union

10 Good reasons for joining the Union

10 Good reasons for joining the Union

1 YOUR PAY: The CWU negotiates your pay. The higher our membership the better the prospects of securing a good deal. You will have a direct say, as we won’t agree any pay deal unless members vote for it.

2 YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: The CWU negotiates your terms and conditions of employment. This includes the length of your working week, your hours of attendance, your holiday entitlement, your Pension and other allowances.

3 YOUR JOB SECURITY: The CWU strive to ensure that your employment is secure.

4 CONFIDENTIAL ADVICE & GUIDANCE: We can give you impartial and fair advice on work issues and matters of law.

5 PERSONAL REPRESENTATION: We have trained CWU Reps who can assist you with discipline and grievance cases. All cases are treated in the strictest confidence.

6 FAIR TREATMENT: We ensure that all members are treated fairly. It is our aim to eradicate bulling and harassment in the workplace.

7 LEGAL AND ACCIDENT SERVICES: The CWU offers you a free initial advice service from our Solicitors If you have a problem(it doesn’t have to be work related). If you or a family member is injured in an accident and there is a valid claim we will take the matter up for you free of charge (and unlike‘no win no fee’, we mean free of charge!).

8 HEALTH AND SAFETY: The CWU takes great pride in ensuring our members work in a safe environment.We have highly trained CWU Health and Safety Reps who are on hand to deal with any local issues.

9 FINANCIAL SERVICES: The CWU offers you a full range of discounted financial services. Currently we can provide a CWU Credit Card, preferential loan, mortgage and insurance facilities, as
well asmotor breakdown and other services.

10 A SENSE OFWELL-BEING AND SECURITY: We will always be there to discuss, help and support you with any work related problem. When you become a CWU member, you join 240,000 others so you should never have cause to feel alone